useful health hacks

Whether it’s using every day items in unexpected ways or simply changing your behavior slightly, these easy 25 life health hacks can help you improve your health immediately.


1. Put natural honey on dry brittle lips over night. It will hydrate your skin and make them soft.
It tastes good and is an effective cure even for cracked and extremely dry lips. Just don’t eat all the honey from your lips before you fall asleep!


2. Use olive oil as makeup remover.
Olive oil takes away mascara and eye make up quite easily without any vigorous rubbing. It does the job as well as the store bought stuff. You can use it on ordinary cotton buds and your skin won’t be fatty afterwards!


fresh parsley against bad breath3. Chew on fresh parsley for a minute or two to loose bad breath.
Take a few leaves of parsley to lose even the worst bad breath.


xylitol against cavities4.Take 100% xylitol mints or gum after meals, drinks and snacks. It will prevent cavities.
Xylitol balances the ph of the mouth, preventing cavities that typically forms in the acid environment after we eat.
Studies show that to get all the benefits from xylitol a minimum of 6.5 grams should be taken each day with at least five separate exposures to it. That’s about 2-3 teaspoons of granulated xylitol per day or 2-3 pure xylitol mints after every meal and snack.


baking soda as deodarant5. If you run out of deodorant use baking soda. It will neutralize unwanted smells.
Natural deodorants are made with baking soda, coconut oil and bees wax. Baking soda neutralizes different smells not only sweat. Just put it on like you would talcum powder.


prevent heartburn6. Sleep on your left side to reduce heartburn.
Research suggests sleeping on the left side can relieve heartburn, while right-side sleeping makes it worse. Since heartburn is often present with pregnant women, left side sleeping is recommended both against heartburn and for better circulation in later pregnancy.


laugh for better immune system7. Laugh a lot. It increases your immune system and kills viruses.
It’s a fact that happy people are healthier. So turn that frown upside down and get healthy by simply laughing!


pocorn for snacks8. Snack on popcorn instead of chips or nachos. I has two times less calories.
Instead of chips that is fried and salted go for popcorn. Popcorn has two times less calories and much less saturated fats than potato chips. Choose hot air popped popcorn since it has even less calories.


turmeric against dementia9. Eat turmeric daily. It will help you prevent dementia.
Several studies show that people who live in certain parts of India and often consume turmeric have four times less Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t consume turmeric. The effects of turmeric on our brain have been researched in many studies and it seems that turmeric definitively has a positive effect on our brain.


frozen vegetables10. Eat frozen vegetables -it’s better than to eat no vegetables.
The trick is to freeze it the right way so it can stay packed with all the vitamins and minerals. Check out this chart  for proper vegetable freezing.


soda drinks11. Replace soda drinks with water or herbal tea.
If you are a heavy soda drinker and don’t like the taste of plain water start with carbonated water with a few drops of lemon or orange juice.


ginger tea12. Drink ginger tea to prevent colds in the winter.
Cook a peeled thumb size peace of ginger in a liter of water for a few minutes. Add lemon and some honey after the tea cools down. If you like it less hot chop the fresh ginger in chunks and pour it with hot water. Infuse for 10-15 minutes. Add honey and lemon if you like.


pickle juice against leg cramps13. Drink pickle juice to get rid of a leg cramp.
During a study researchers found out that a cramp goes away much faster (in about 85 seconds) if you drink pickle juice. They believe that this effect is neurological and due to “tricking” the brain with the salty taste of pickle juice.


coffee and cinnamon14. Flavor your coffee with cinnamon instead of cream and sugar.
Instead of cream and sugar, try cinnamon or vanilla for a flavor kick to your coffee. Not only will you reduce the calories but also get all the health benefits of cinnamon like anti-clotting regulation, blood sugar control and boosting of the immune system.


bananas and better mood15. Eat bananas for a better mood. Only one banana helps relive anger and depression.
Bananas are full of vitamin B6 and provides the energy that depressed people usually lack.


coconut oil instead of butter16. Substitute butter with coconut oil. Your brain will thank you.
Coconut oil is tasty and very healthy. Opposed to butter it is also a saturated fat but with medium length fatty acids. These are metabolized differently by our body than long chain fatty acids and can have therapeutic effects especially on the brain. That’s why coconut oil is declared a super food recently by many researchers. Easily replace butter with coconut oil in sweet recipes but use it also for everyday cooking.


watermelon reduces blood pressure17. Enjoy your watermelon even more since it reduces blood pressure.
Researchers have found that watermelon reduces cardiac stress and lowers blood pressure. This is due to L-citrulline and L-arginine that are found in watermelons.


18. Never put your purse or diaper bag on the floor of a public toilet. Restroom floors are the dirtiest part of public bathrooms and are full of germs.
A Columbia University study concluded that toilet seats are the cleanest part of public restrooms. It is very unlikely that you will catch a disease from toilet seats. It’s a different story with door handles, bathroom sinks, hot-air hand dryers and bathroom floors. Hang your purse on a hanger or around your neck if there is none. This way you will avoid getting in contact with bathroom germs through your purse.


19. Stop eating after six o’clock. It will make you feel less hungry and consume less food.
When you don’t eat after six o’clock in the evening you’ll get your internal clock in order. You will be hungry in the morning craving breakfast. During the day you will have several meals and snacks in 2-3 hour intervals. Just because you don’t feel hungry you will eat less.


20. Learn to say no. It will make you focus on things that are important to you and reduce stress.
There are only 24 hours in a day. If you take on a new task think about if it is more important than what you have to give up to fit the new commitment into your schedule. Don’t forget about time you need for yourself to relax and be with the people you love. If you won’t take on a new task don’t feel ashamed or bad just learn to say: “I’m sorry, I can’t do this right now it doesn’t fit with my schedule.”


21. Talk about your problems with real people in your life. It can help solve your problems in unexpected ways.
Talking about your problems with people you trust instead of keeping everything inside has therapeutic value. People often like to help other people if they can and even if your friends can’t help you solve your problems just talking about it has a relieving effect.


loose weight with small blue plates22. Eat from smaller blue plates if you want to lose weight.
Studies show that blue is the color that will make you eat less food. Also the size of your plate matters because if you serve your food on a small plate it will look full and you will be satisfied with your meal. So get some small blue plates in your kitchen if you want to lose weight.


23. Stretch in bed after you wake up.
Stretching boosts circulation, digestion and eases back pain. It will give you good boost in the morning feeling more energized by just stretching a few times in your bed before you get up.


24. Take a fast walk when you are under stress. It will free your mind and help your figure.
Physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce stress immediately. Your body will react positively to a simple 30 minute walk.


25. Eat in a well lit room. This way you will eat less.
Dim lightning will make you eat more food by increasing your appetite. Eat your dinner at a well lit table making you aware of the amount of food you are eating.

Which one of these health hacks would you like to try out in your life?

Photo credit: Studio Cl Art , ToGisK