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30 cheap high-protein food sources

Proteins are important building blocks of our muscles and tissues. Especially people who work out keep track of the amount of protein they eat daily. Even if you are not a fitness freak, protein intake helps significantly with weight loss and hunger regulation. The best sources of protein are lean red meat, fish and poultry. These are also the most expensive choices. The fact is that eating a high quality protein diet is more expensive than a traditional diet which includes carbs to fill up your plate. But even if you’re on a tight budget you can still get high quality protein food sources.

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Are freshly frozen vegetables better than fresh vegetables?

Do you leave fresh fruit and vegetables lying around in your fridge for several days before consuming them?

It turns out that storing fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge, even for a couple of days, reduces vitamin content in those products.

Obviously when we buy fresh food we want it to be as nutritious as possible. So what can we do to prevent degradation in food and eat the freshest and most nutritious food?

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