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Why cooking with olive oil is better than using refined oils

Olive oil is marketed as one of the healthiest cooking oils that we can use in our diet.

Extra virgin, virgin and pomace – the choice of olive oils in supermarket shelves is overwhelming but consumers are often confused with various names and grades and make their choice to buy based on price and design instead of quality.

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The one thing you must do to jump-start weight loss

If you haven’t started your diet or are stuck at a certain weight after losing some pounds this is very important information! You can eat a whole food diet, count your calories, limit carb and sugar intake, eat less fat or follow your diet regime to the letter and still don’t see the expected results on your scale. The answer could lie not in what you have limited in your diet but what you’re not giving your body so it’s malfunctioning. Taking care of this malfunction before you even begin losing weight is crucial for your success.

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The easiest way to start losing weight (without changing your diet)

Have you ever started a diet where the scale is stuck on your starting weight forever? Crushing your will to start loosing weight at the very beginning?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a magic pill that could help us start losing weight? That way we would get the initial self-confidence success boost that makes it easier to make changes in our diet and start exercising.

It turns out there is! It’s not an anti obesity drug and it really works!

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