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Best heart rate for weight loss

What is the best heart rate for weight loss? Check out if you’re in the “weight loss zone” while doing your exercise.

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Why you should keep a healthy brain if you want to lose weight

You’ve gone on a diet because you want to lose weight to fit into your old trousers that have become to small. A very tempting cupcake for lunch comes between you and your diet. Are you going to succumb the temptation or stay on track with your diet? Research shows that there is more than willpower behind this decision.

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10 healthy eating tips to substitute junk food

As soon as you start to change your diet and try to eat healthier, junk food cravings cut in. Scientist advise that you should avoid situations and environments that will bring you into temptation. But how? Junk food is all around us and it’s almost impossible to avoid all temptations. To get rid of your cravings I have made a list of healthy vs. bad food substitutes. This way you can satisfy your cravings and still stay on track with your diet plan.

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15 food prep hacks: cheat sheet to quick healthy meals

Despite growing health awareness, diet-related diseases are increasing. One of the greatest obstacles to eating healthy is time needed for food preparation and the convenience of fast food.
The question is how can we improve our diet by making tasty quick healthy meals more convenient and less time consuming to prepare?

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Food intolerance test – better health with food elimination?

Food intolerance testing has been around for some years now and is offered by many laboratories. Since this test has become more affordable it has gained in popularity as a simple way to define what’s wrong with your diet and how to lose weight quickly.

However in advertisements the professional debate that revolves around this theme is not mentioned. Does the elimination of foods on the basis of food intolerance testing endanger your health?

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Herbal tea benefits of camomile, peppermint, hibiscus and rooibos

Herbal tea benefits have been known to people for millenniums. There are hundreds of different kinds of herbs which can help with various conditions.

But what about the teas we drink regularly? Can they help us to feel better? I have researched the four most popular tea varieties to find out how they can benefit our health.

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Does your BMI even matter?

BMI has been debated within the health industry for years. From exhausting quick diet schemes to changing eating habits, many have tried to reach the ideal BMI.

The real question is, does BMI really reflect your overall health and well being? To answer this question, I decided to do a bit of research to help you make an informed decision.

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